Places Traveled

places traveled


We all have dreams – some realistic, some not-so-realistic – yet we dream because that’s what makes us feel alive! The itch for wanderlust isn’t something new for us, as we’ve been feeling this for more than a couple of years now! Not to deny the fact that we both keep fuelling each other’s desire to travel, every now and then! While most of the people around us are choosing to settle, we gladly chose to unsettle.

And we can say it out loud, “The World is our Home“!

While we do travel together mostly, we do take our own breaks as well – going solo at times!

Over the last few years, we have explored a fairly large part of India, from Spiti Valley in the North to Kerala in the South, and from Udaipur in the West to Tawang in the East.

We’ve also spent a month in Bhutan where we hitchhiked from Thimphu to Paro, Punakha and Haa Valley, as well as attended the Tsechu festival. We soaked in the beauty of ‘The Happiest Country in the World’ and experienced the goodness that prevails in the air!

We also traveled & explored Southeast Asia, covering Singapore, Langkawi (Malaysia), Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Far to the east, we’ve spent a few days on the East Coast of Oz!

Off late, we were in Kenya for a month on a volunteering trip and it has been one of the best things ever! We also traversed across the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, which is considered to be one of the hottest parts of the world.

We are not early planners! In fact, most of our trips are finalized at the last minute, and we kinda’ pack our bags, book the tickets, and get going! Most of the time, we book our stay once we reach the destination – thanks to AirBnb, Make My Trip & – life gets easy!

So here we are, not just to share our experiences on the roads but also to encourage people like us, who are keen to pack their stuff and break free from the chaos & cacophony of the urban life, to experience the goodness of traveling. Stay tuned to know more about the stories from our journeys!