Danakil Depression: Exploring One Of Hottest Places On Earth | Photo Blog

Danakil Depression

As scientists are still continuing with their work of discovering life in Danakil, we wouldn’t hesitate in saying that this place – known as ‘The Gateway to Hell’ – is definitely one of the most unique places on Earth, that’s yet to be explored properly! 🌎 Decorated British desert explorer Wilfred Thesiger once called it […]

Protect Biodiversity Being A Responsible Traveler | Celebrating World Environment Day 2020

How Travelers Like Us Can Protect Biodiversity

Over the last few months, as the entire world has been dealing with a pandemic and we’re living our lives within the four walls of home, there’s one thing that we’ve all probably realized – that when nature hits us hard, we’d have no option but to succumb and step back. In this blog, let’s […]

The Beautifully Colored Walls Of Pondicherry | A Photo Story!

Walls Of Pondicherry

Pondicherry, the little French colony in India, still holds its charm. The cheery bougainvilleas and brightly colored walls accompanying the brick-paved lanes of Pondy easily catches the imagination and brings an otherworldly feel. While the rest of the country is struggling to move ahead of time, this quaint little town is rather happy with its […]

Anthony Bourdain Quotes That Will Inspire You To Travel More, Eat Better & Enjoy Life

Anthony Bourdain Quotes

There would hardly be any traveler (and foodie!) who hasn’t heard about Anthony Bourdain and not followed his famous show – ‘Parts Unknown’. Needless to say, we’ve been highly influenced by this man and his journeys. His thirst for the weird, crazy, and unusual inspired many to explore outside their own comforts. The charismatic and […]